Sergio Valen fucks Cage Kafig’s tight hole

Sergio Valen fucks Cage Kafig

Sergio Valen’s curved rod is going to open up Cage Kafig’s boy hole. Cage’s cave is tight, so a dildo is used to loosen him up a bit. It only helps a little because the poor bottom groans the second Sergio is in. He has a hard time taking Sergio’s hard dick, but after some deep ass pounding, both shoot out tons of boy juice!

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Rick Lautner fucks Chase Austin for BelAmi

Rick Lautner and Chase Austin

During the winter we lose Rick Lautern for filming as he works as a ski and snowboard instructor, but luckily during the summer he is normally around for us to film with. Although on his first outing he didn`t get the warmest of reception from you guys, we are sure that you will grow to like him as much as we do. As a graduate in English literature he seemed to make a perfect choice to team up with visiting American Chase Austin.

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Jay Jonas jerks off and shoots a big load

Jay Jonas jerks his big cock

Jay Jonas can barely contain his horny excitement as he slowly works his rock hard cock through the thick fabric of his blue jeans. Grinning up at the camera and delighted to be getting off. He’s so damn cute! He pulls out his 8 inch perfect cock and gives it a couple of strokes before turning his attention to his asshole.

This twink is 100% bottom and he fucks his ass with three fingers before spreading his hole wide open with two fingers from each hand. He stretches his ass as far as he can get it before sitting up and blasting a huge load of cum all over his chest. His eyes are shining with delight as he reaches down and slurps up every drop of his delicious jizz.

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Kris Wallace and Connor Levi flip flop

Connor and Kris flip flop at Staxus

We’re not exactly sure whether anyone could really get any rest in Connor Levi’s hammock – it doesn’t particularly look the most comfortable of contraptions – but the arrival of young Kris Wallace onto the scene pretty much ensures that Levi’s attentions are going to be anything other than passive.

Indeed, the two horny twinks are pretty much fighting over each other’s dicks before you have chance to catch your breath, taking playful turns to suck on all that rampant hard meat that they both got stashed in their jockstraps.

It’s an energetic, boisterous set-piece; but it all gets a whole lot more exciting when Wallace falls back into the hammock and parts his legs for Levi’s beautiful ramrod, marking the start of an unforgettable coupling that’ll have you jerking off your own knob like crazy!

The action quickly continues on a nearby bed – Wallace stretching his legs even further in the quest for sexual satisfaction – before Levi’s yearning for an equally thorough probing sees the pairing savour a full-on flip-flop. Cue a wanktastic display of blond-boy Levi at his slutty best, getting fucked in every imaginable position; culminating in both cute lads spewing like geysers!

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Chris Hewitt jerks off for College Dudes

Chris Hewitt solo

Chris Hewitt is a cute 20 year old with a great smile and a great attitude about his sexuality. When we met Chris we were impressed at how self-sufficient and hard-working he is, and we really warmed up to him quickly. Chris gets to show us all in this jerk-off vid. Chris begins by stripping down to reveal some tats and a small slender bod – he stands just 5-6 tall.

His sexy little butt is definitely one of his main attractions! Chris lies down on the bed and works up his cock, moaning and breathing softly. As he strokes his cock, he moves around a lot – perhaps he is thinking of a hot fantasy and getting a little anxious.

He turns over to show us one of his best assets, and as he pushes hit butt up in the air, he continues to stroke his dick. You can definitely tell that Chris enjoys attention being paid to his ass! Chris gives us a great show of it, and then he rolls over and works himself up rather quickly to a hot ending. His climax is awesome, and we can only imagine how he might do with another young man by his side!

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Adam Dacre fucks Andy O’Neil’s tight ass

Adam Dacre fucks Andy O'Neill at World of Men

Adam Dacre gets an offer. Andy O’Neill, a cute Brazilian lad wants to get fucked. Blindfolded. Adam has an idea and goes to the lad’s apartment with the camera man on tow. Adam goes in, makes sure that the lad can’t see anything and then calls the camera man in.

He is getting horny at the idea of the guy not knowing what is really happening: Adam kisses him, sucks him, gets the lad to suck his beautifully downward pointing cock (very handy for deep throating, jack knows it). Adam loves being watched, filmed, he loves putting on a show.

But the lad takes his blindfold off just before being rimmed by Adam’s expert tongue. He doesn’t notice the camera man at first but he doesn’t seem very surprised by discovering a camera there. He gets turned on in fact and cant wait for Adam to fill his hole.

Adam slips inside him and fucks the lad on his back for a good while then turns him face down and gives the lad another good seeing to before the lad squirts his cum on his sheets and Adam covers the lad’s belly and chest with a massive cum load.

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