Tucker Wade fucks Roman Todd

Roman Todd and Tucker Wade, two hot horny jock studs who just can’t get enough cock, are all over each other in the Randy Blue live studio. They were supposed to go on location and do a scene but they just couldn’t wait. So, they snuck into the studio to get it on. Luckily our cameras were […]

Roman Todd fucks Gabriel Cross

Randy Blue has always loved contrasts.  The more different two guys can be, the hotter it is to see them wrapped around each other.  Height, size, skin  color, they’re all exciting variants to explore.  For this video we’ve done something we haven’t done before, we go geographical. London meets New York when Gabriel Cross and Roman Todd go head to […]

Danny and Sean fuck Cayden Ross

Some Randy Blue videos just shoot themselves.  When Cayden Ross, Danny Harper and Sean Everett got together we barely had time to get the cameras set up.  These guys were so damn horny to shoot a gay three way that even when we started interviewing one of them the other two wouldn’t keep their hands […]

Alexander Kudrov fucks Nicco Sky

Alexander Kudrov and Nicco Sky are so different from one another. Nicco is more experienced while Alexander is still really new. Nicco has his gorgeous Latino features with that delicious honey brown skin, deep dark eyes and fiery passion while Alexander is all blonde hair and blue eyes, with an innocent manner that you just […]

Chris Rockway fucks Gabriel Cross

Chris Rockway is soaping up his sexy athletic body.  Letting his hands roam over his rock hard pecs, chiseled abs and down to his thick meaty cock.  Enter Gabriel Cross.  Not expecting Chris to be naked he’s surprised and excited.  The two start deep kissing while Chris takes some time to get to know this […]

Matt Valin fucks Dominic Brown

Lots of guys like to find various ways to spice up their sex lives.  With all the kinks and fetishes out there a couple can go anywhere from mild to wild, either totally shaking it up or just making things a little more interesting.  When Dominic Brown and Matt Valin hooked up they were inspired […]