Adam Dacre fucks Andy O’Neil’s tight ass

Adam Dacre gets an offer. Andy O’Neill, a cute Brazilian lad wants to get fucked. Blindfolded. Adam has an idea and goes to the lad’s apartment with the camera man on tow. Adam goes in, makes sure that the lad can’t see anything and then calls the camera man in. He is getting horny at the idea […]

Roman Todd fucks Gabriel Cross

Randy Blue has always loved contrasts.  The more different two guys can be, the hotter it is to see them wrapped around each other.  Height, size, skin  color, they’re all exciting variants to explore.  For this video we’ve done something we haven’t done before, we go geographical. London meets New York when Gabriel Cross and Roman Todd go head to […]

Jed fucks Pavel’s hairy ass

“Oh my god… you are fuck drunk!” There was no other way to say it than that. Pavel was fuck drunk from getting pounded by Jed. It was obvious. He had that light-headed, tingly feeling you get when a nice cock is hitting you inside in all the right places! That was just one thing that made […]

Alex Grant and Genadij Prokov

When Alex and Genadij were asked to set the dining room table, they seemed to think it was cock and ass that was on the menu this evening. They explore each other’s smooth, ripped bodies before setting up for a main course of fierce cock-riding. I’ll take an order of that, please. Watch the full […]

Buddy Davis fucks Adam Marx

We love seeing two beefy athletic jocks going at it, and Buddy Davis paired with Adam Marx is a dream come true. Adam has a great body and beautiful ass, the kind that just deserves to be pounded. Our resident stud-in-chief Buddy is more than happy to give it to Adam, too! Adam hops of […]

Connor and Cain fuck Sean

I’m trying to remember when I’ve seen something hotter than Connor teaching Cain and Sean some mixed martial arts moves out in the yard. Three incredible jocks all working up a sweat punching and kicking the bag, then wrestling around on the grass … Oh wait – I remember … when they go inside and […]